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BACK ROW: Lew Abrams, Willam Carney, Ian Cid Descallar, Bill Yong, Andy MacDonald, Jason Stein, Rabbi Mendel Fine

MIDDLE ROW: Dr. Rachel Rabin, Linda Aber, Noah Star, Jennifer Kotry, Shauna Joyce, Rina Morelly

FRONT ROW: Karen Bresinger, Rabbi Benyamin Bresinger, Rabbi Ronnie Fine

Recently, Lifeline held a Clinical Workshop, aimed at training our team in optimal practices as we prepare to implement our new Youth Outreach Initiative. The workshop was conducted by Lew Abrams (ACSW, LCSW, CSAT), a respected expert in the fields of Family Systems and Clinical Management.

The daylong workshop focused on creating a dialogue between Abrams and the staff about how Family Systems principles could best be incorporated into Lifeline's existing practices. The result is a new and exciting model designed to maximize the quality of our care by capitalizing on the considerable strengths of our clinical team. Our philosophy has always centred on treating addiction as a "family disease," and much of the intent of this workshop was to further integrate this concept on a systematic level. We look forward to providing updates on this front in the near future.

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