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Gambling addiction is an impulse-control disorder. One who is a compulsive gambler can't control their impulse to gamble, regardless of the negative consequences to the gambler's life and the lives of their loved ones. These consequences can be severe, leading to relationship or financial difficulties.

Defining gambling addiction

Gambling addiction can be online, through sports betting, going to the casino, playing slot machines or poker. The addiction is characterized when one places bets more and more frequently, bets more than intended, chases losses by betting beyond their means, being completely preoccupied with gambling, and feeling irritated or aggressive when unable to gamble.

Huge losses from gambling can include foreclosure, bankruptcy, legal problems, divorce, getting fired and much more. Gambling addiction can also lead to suicide attempts, and the rate of suicide by gambling addicts is higher than alcoholics or drug addicts.

Chabad Lifeline helps anyone affected by gambling addiction, offering one on one support as well as group therapy for both the addict and anyone affected by the user. Gamblers Anonymous meetings take place at our centre on a weekly basis. 



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