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Mission Statement

Chabad Lifeline is a non-sectarian agency dedicated to helping everyone affected by addiction. We offer a full range of treatment options and comprehensive youth at-risk programs. People suffering from substance and behavioural addictions and their family members are guided through the process of healing and recovery, with a special focus on supporting youth suffering the mental health consequences of addiction in the home.


Everyone can access our services immediately regardless of their ability to pay.

How We Help

As our logo and name indicate, we offer a caring lifeline to those who are in distress due to addiction. The healing and recovery process begins when someone sends us an email, telephones us, or drops by the Centre which is conveniently located near the Cote Ste. Catherine metro.

An individual may be concerned about his/her own addictive behaviour, or that of a family member or loved one who is spiraling out of control because of drug abuse, drinking, sex or gambling.

Counselling & Placement Referrals

Initial assessment is provided so that an appropriate placement, when necessary, to a detox or rehabilitation program suited to the client's specific needs can be made.

One-on-one counselling and daily group meetings that deal with topics such as: addictions, communication skills, codependency, dual diagnosis, meditation, self-esteem, nutrition, budgeting, communication skills, parenting and more.

After Care

We run a therapeutic outpatient program, facilitating a client's reintegration into society, as well as providing continued support with groups and individual counselling and therapies.

What Makes Us Unique

Chabad Lifeline aims to provide the best possible care to everyone affected by addiction. The infograph below details what makes us stand out.


Our Philosophy

Addiction often stems from a deep disconnect which causes feelings of loneliness and isolation. It is a spiritual, emotional, and physical disorder.

The problem for the addict does not begin with drugs, alcohol or other addictive behaviors like sex, gambling or codependency. These maladaptive and self-sabotaging behaviours merely offer temporary relief from the unbearable aloneness.

We believe that helping people develop intimate relationships with themselves and others is the permanent solution.

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