Fostering connections with youth by providing a 

safe and accessible resource for students.

Youth Counsellor Services

Chabad Lifeline has addiction professionals on-site in schools across the city as integrated members of their team providing:

  • Crisis intervention

  • Psycho-educational workshops

  • Individual Counselling

  • Group Counselling

  • Professional development

Contact us to bring our Youth Counsellors to your school.

Student presentations

Chabad Lifeline student presentations aim to create a safe space where valuable learning and sharing can take place.

We accomplish this by having one of our Youth Counsellors deliver a psycho-educational introduction followed by a Q&A session. A young, recovering addict then shares his or her experiences. A raw, open discussion follows.

At the end of each student presentation, evaluations are handed out where students can confidentially detail any concerns about possible addiction in their family or group of friends. Our Youth Counsellors follow up with the students to address their comments.

We also deliver presentations on various topics, such as vaping, smoking, sex addiction, and substance abuse.

Contact us to schedule student presentations in your school.

Staff presentations

Chabad Lifeline staff presentations aim to educate professionals about addiction and teach them to be cognizant of its early signs, paying particular attention to the innocent victims of addiction.

We also deliver presentations on various topics, such as vaping, smoking, sex addiction, and substance abuse.

Contact us to schedule staff presentations at your school or place of work.

Our Youth Counsellors

Our Youth department is led by Shauna Joyce MSW MA, who also serves as our Special Projects Coordinator.

Meet our Youth Counsellors! (full bios to come)


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