Fostering connections with youth by providing a 

safe and accessible resource for students.

Youth Counsellor Services

Chabad Lifeline has addiction professionals on-site in schools across the city as integrated members of their team providing:

  • Crisis intervention

  • Psycho-educational workshops

  • Individual Counselling

  • Group Counselling

  • Professional development

Contact us to bring our Youth Counsellors to your school.

Student presentations

Chabad Lifeline student presentations aim to create a safe space where valuable learning and sharing can take place.

We accomplish this by having one of our Youth Counsellors deliver a psycho-educational introduction followed by a Q&A session. A young, recovering addict then shares his or her experiences. A raw, open discussion follows.

At the end of each student presentation, evaluations are handed out where students can confidentially detail any concerns about possible addiction in their family or group of friends. Our Youth Counsellors follow up with the students to address their comments.

We also deliver presentations on various topics, such as vaping, smoking, sex addiction, and substance abuse.

Contact us to schedule student presentations in your school.

Staff presentations

Chabad Lifeline staff presentations aim to educate professionals about addiction and teach them to be cognizant of its early signs, paying particular attention to the innocent victims of addiction.

We also deliver presentations on various topics, such as vaping, smoking, sex addiction, and substance abuse.

Contact us to schedule staff presentations at your school or place of work.

Our Youth Counsellors

Our Youth department is led by Shauna Joyce MSW MA, who also serves as our Special Projects Coordinator.

Meet our Youth Counsellors!

Chabad Lifeline Youth Division Director Shauna Joyce

Shauna Joyce, MSW, M.A is our Special Projects Coordinator working on expanding our youth and adult programs and services. She comes with many years of experience working as a school administrator and as the Executive Director of a summer camp for Montreal's more vulnerable youth. She holds a Master's degree in Social Work as well as a Master's in Educational Leadership from McGill University. 


Laura Pearson is a trained Drama Therapist from Concordia University, Department of Creative Art Therapies.


Her work is informed by humanistic, client centered, and intersectional approaches. She often uses role-play, storytelling, and improvisation to work through the therapeutic goals of an individual. She is also trained in non-confrontational communication approaches, group dynamics, non-violent crisis intervention (CPI), and attachment theory.


Her clinical experiences include working in school and community settings such as Giant Steps, Centre of Arts in Human Development (CAHD), Expression LaSalle, & Montreal West Readaptation Centre.


Bill Yong is a Drama Therapist originally from Edmonton Alberta. He holds a Masters of Arts from Concordia University and a Bachelors of Education from the University of Alberta.


He has worked clinically for the West Montreal Readaptation Centre, Centre d'éducation des adultes Outremont, Centre of Arts in Human Development (CAHD), Native Montreal and is currently a youth counsellor for Chabad within the English Montreal School Board.


Bill is interested in how creative elements such as play, storytelling and embodiment can help clients imagine and take on new roles, such as a sober self and encounter it in an organic, patient and playful manner. 


Amber-Chantelle Regier is a trained Creative Arts Therapist, with an MA from Concordia University focusing on drama and play therapy.


She has been working in community outreach, education, and counselling for the past several years.


Her work is informed by a client centered, intersectional and trauma informed approach. She often uses role-play, storytelling, and embodied approaches to help clients work through the therapeutic process.


She serves as a skilled listener and observer who helps to clarify issues, as well as assist clients in discovering their needs, explore their feelings and set goals.


Kate Harris is a children and youth educational counsellor trained at McGill University.


Research and work experience has been focused on child and youth protection, rehabilitation for youth and adult offenders, telephonic crisis intervention, and emotional regulation within ecotherapy.


Kate uses a holistic psychotherapeutic approach to counselling, aiming to include an individual's experiences, situation and resources as a whole in order to address and support their needs.


She has constructed and facilitated workshops addressing: parental techniques and support, ecological approaches to emotional regulation, anger management, and awareness and signs of child and youth maltreatment within schools.