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Updated: Sep 13, 2022

We can hardly express our gratitude. Together, we’ve raised over $690,000 for Lifeline. For such a successful matching crowdfunding campaign, we can only say:

Thank You,


When our community unites, the power of our generosity is truly extraordinary.

To see the impact your gift has made, head over to the campaign page.

Lifeline Director Rabbi Benyamin Bresinger and Executive Committee Members Heleena Wiltzer and Howard Dermer man the phones at our live crowdfunding event

We’re so appreciative of all the kind words and the incredible enthusiasm we saw during this campaign. Thank you for your partnership, your presence, and - most of all - your kindness!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of our Executive Committee, chaired by Edward Wiltzer, for their invaluable contributions to making the campaign a success:

Howard Dermer

Karen Dubrofsky

Orit Eisenberg

Michael Flinker

Martin Goldenberg

Jeffrey Katz

Heleena Wiltzer

Stan Zack

Also foundational to the success of the campaign were our Matchers, whose generosity inspired over 830 people to give and keep giving until our goal was met and then exceeded. Their kindness was seen and felt and matched by people in the community well beyond what we thought possible, with their extraordinary pledges allowing for over $318,000 in donations to be doubled.


Stan & Vicki Zack

The Charles, Evelyne and Sandra Dolansky Foundation

Liliane Aberman

Henry Zavriyev

The Szenes Family

Carol & Brahm Steinberg

Terry & Julius Suss

Danielle Pollack

Aaron Remer

Michel Assouline

Shaun Shahin

Michael Hollinger

Gerald Naimer

Lionel & Karen Dubrofsky

Gerald Bernstein

Jeff & Adele Altmann

Lorne Silcoff

Avery Palevsky

Sam & Paula Kulik

Jeremie Barchechath

Michael Eliesen

Michael Flinker

Solika & Nissim Yehouda Bitton

Warren Chisling

Jack Dym

Another essential component of this year's crowdfunding effort: our Team Leaders, who took initiative and generated a massive swell of momentum that carried us well past our initial goal.

The proceeds from our campaign are being invested immediately in the expansion of our clinical team, which will allow us to save more lives and keep more families together. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being a part of it.

Forever grateful,

Rabbi Benyamin Bresinger

Rabbi Ronnie Fine

Rabbi Mendel Fine

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