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Pictured left to right: Rabbi Benyamin Bresinger, Stan Zack, Vicki Zack, and Karen Bresinger

When my wife Karen and I came to Montreal to run Chabad Lifeline some 15 years ago, we met Stan and Vicki Zack, who became mainstays of support from that point forward. They were the first people we met who saw our organization’s full potential, who saw us as an essential service worthy of philanthropic investment. Before them, we gratefully accepted smaller donations, but they became our first major donors, someone whose enthusiasm and confidence in us — and genuine care for our clients -- made growth and improvement a real possibility.

But their contributions extended far beyond their giving. Stan was a founding member of our Executive Committee, chaired by Eddy Wiltzer. As we grew from a team of four to our current full-time staff of 18, he lent his leadership and experience to our hiring process, helping us interview hundreds of candidates over the years. With wisdom and genuine curiosity, he was able to zero in on what was truly important in a candidate, both as a prospective employee and as a human being. It was always such a comfort having such an accomplished and talented person making these decisions alongside me. And whether he was in Montreal, Mont Tremblant, or Arizona, he made himself available to me whenever I needed him.

Stan was a mentor, a role model, and a friend. When I count the blessings I’ve had in my life, I consider him to be among the most important. Karen and I will miss him greatly. The world will miss him greatly.

May Vicki and the entire Zack family be comforted with the knowledge of how his impact continues to be felt by those in need.


Rabbi Benyamin Bresinger

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