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Howard Dermer joins Chabad Lifeline's Executive Committee

Chabad Lifeline is delighted to announce that Howard Dermer has joined our Executive Committee.

Mr. Dermer has spent 45 years at Lapointe, Rosenstein, Marchand, Melancon LLP, initially heading the Litigation Practice Group, later serving as Managing Partner, and currently acting as counsel to the firm. He was Chairman of the Board of the Jewish General Hospital Foundation from 2013-2016 and President of the Board of Governors of the Jewish General Hospital from 2016-2019.

Dermer was introduced to Chabad Lifeline by Eddie & Heleena Wiltzer, and following a visit and meeting with Director Rabbi Benyamin Bresinger and members of the Executive Committee, opted to join the Committee.

"I like their whole approach - discreet, private, immediate, and no charge," said Dermer. "I realize that there's a need and when you have an institution like Chabad Lifeline that is there willing to help, and the approach is so positive, it makes me feel good to be part of doing something that deals with a real problem that we have in society in general and certainly in our Jewish community."

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