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"I was introduced to Chabad Lifeline because a family member was suffering from co-occurring addiction and mental health disorders. As someone who is very resourceful in getting things done and solving problems, I dove in head first. However, this was the most difficult problem or situation I’ve ever faced in my life. I could not solve it and eventually found myself as the hopeless “Rescuer;” which was not helpful to either of us. This is when I turned to a Chabad Lifeline program for family members of loved ones suffering from addiction and mental health. This decision changed my life! Chabad's  inner engineering spiritually-based approach worked for me. It was honest and holistic, it turned me inside out to examine my own thinking and behaviour—the removal of fear and victimhood, with a better understanding of the situation. How to effectively be supportive of my loved one and that you are not ever going to solve your loved one’s problem—only they can rescue themselves! I credit Chabad Lifeline for changing my outlook, for seeing things differently, and for shaping my behaviour towards supporting my loved one. Today, I’m happy to say that my loved one is in recovery and supported by a medical and therapy team which he fully buys into! And every day I wake up I consciously support my loved one through the tools Chabad Lifeline left me with."


Peter E., A Raving Fan of Chabad Lifeline! (Reprinted with permission)

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