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Over the past year, Lifeline has seen a growing mental health crisis among our youth. A massive influx of younger and younger clients is just the beginning of a pandemic that needs to be addressed urgently. Lifeline is seeing a record number of people in need of our services, and we need to expand now to meet this growing demand while maintaining our vital no-wait-list policy. We are only now starting to see the full impact of the COVID lockdown: relapses, kids drowning in endless screen time, and loneliness leading to new addictions. Lifeline must add to its clinical staff - particularly its Youth Department - in order to face this challenge.

To this end, Lifeline is working with the crowdfunding organization Charidy to double the impact of every dollar you donate. On August 28 and 29, Lifeline will hold a 36-hour crowdfunding event, where you’ll be able to see your contribution added toward our goal in real time. Help us continue to save lives and keep families together. Your donation creates a ripple effect that lasts generations.

This year, you can make a bigger difference than ever before in the lives of people and families ravaged by addiction. There has never been a better time to give. Join us on the front lines of the silent pandemic. Save our children.

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