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Families in Crisis

Chabad Lifeline sees addiction as a family crisis; a family disease. The chaos it creates affects the entire family unit. When one family member is out of control, others take on roles to relieve the stress of the family or to survive the dysfunction.

Parents, partners and children are all affected by addiction, and all need to be part of the solution. This is why we have a dedicated Family Counsellor, an entire Youth Division, and groups specifically for family members.

Recovering together as a family provides the addict with a support system who understands his or her addiction, and knows how to deal with the stress, how to avoid encouraging the addiction, and how to move forward in a healthy manner.

Here's what to expect when you contact us about a family member:

1. Your call will be transferred to a Family Counsellor

2. The Family Counsellor will address your concerns and share what kind of help we can give your loved one as well as yourself.

3. Being that the chaos and confusion related to addiction needs guidance and support, she will likely recommend some of our services for family members of addicts.

4. Psychoeducation will be part of the intake. Suggestions can include joining our family support system group, individual counselling, and/or 12 step meetings specifically for family members.

Research has proven that when a family member gets the help and support for the chaos surrounding the family dynamics of addiction, there is a greater likelihood that the addict will get the help they need as well.

We can be reached at 514-738-7700.



Group Dynamics for Families: Tuesdays, 1:30-3:00 PM (pre-registration required)

This group is dedicated to helping family members who are suffering due to a loved one's addiction.

Our family group consists of individuals who all share similar experiences. Whether it be a child, spouse, sibling or parent, the chaos and inability to live in the status quo are what bring family members to the realization that their lives have become unmanageable, and what they are doing is not and has not been working. With other group members and a facilitator, we explore and gain understanding of what is in our control to change and what is not.


“Do You Feel Trapped in the Chaos of Someone Else’s Addiction?”: Mondays, 3:00 - 4:30 PM 

(pre-registration required)

In this new closed group meeting for family members and loved ones of addicts, participants learn tools to create a healthier environment. Boundaries, communication skills, and other topics will be explored in an open and safe setting alongside other who identify with what you’re going through.

New Booster Groups (pre-registration required)

For those who could use an extra shot in the arm, we’ve expanded the scope of our closed group meetings for family members of addicts by adding supplementary “booster groups” to refresh and recharge past participants with the lessons and practical tools taught at the initial sessions. This innovation is a response to the popularity of our family support groups, led by Lifeline Clinical Director Karen Bresinger, and a reflection of our commitment to finding new ways to bolster and improve our care.

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