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Youth At Risk

Addiction: A Family Disease


Addiction is a family disease. In its path of destruction, it leaves no family member unscathed. Surrounding the chaos of addiction, the entire family puts all of their efforts and resources into helping save the addict. However, the problem can be much bigger than most realize.

Oftentimes, other young family members are forgotten and become the “innocent victims.” Although they may feel isolated, ashamed, angry, or scared, they are not alone. Other times, the child becomes the addict, and families struggle to help that individual. Family members often feel helpless and have no idea where to turn. There is hope and there is help for these youth and their families. Our professional team identifies and addresses the unique needs of individuals and families in crisis.

Our Approach:

The Youth Department at Chabad Lifeline offers support and services to youth (ages 5-20) living in at-risk environments affected by addiction and/or to youth who may have substance use concerns or mental health challenges themselves. Chabad Lifeline offers a non-judgmental, warm, and safe environment. Youth are invited to hang out in the lounge, play ping-pong or foosball, or just stop by to grab a snack, say hello, and check in. Our approach with youth is creative and collaborative.

Our individualized treatment plans focus on identifying treatment needs and issues. Using visual arts such as vision boards, photography, and art allows youth to explore issues related to their personal lives and addiction. To ensure quality care and treatment, our collaborative approach includes working with a team of professionals at Chabad Lifeline, various community partners and referring agencies, and, most importantly, the youth and their families.

How it works:

Chabad Lifeline receives referrals from a number of various sources. Youth can self-refer, or be referred by a school, physician, hospital, CLSC, youth protection, community organizations, family, or friends. Youth also reach our centre through our school and camp services. We respect privacy and anonymity; all of our services are confidential.


We offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Crisis intervention

  • Family meetings

  • Counselling and referrals

  • Screening; assessment; evaluation intake; individualized case management; individual and family counselling, education, and support; 12-step meetings; and referrals to detox, residential treatment centres, and youth outpatient services

  • Education and Prevention

  • School and educator presentations

Crisis Services 

- Collaboration with Youth Protection, schools and community organizations

Counselling and Referrals 

- Screening, assessment, evaluation intake and individualized treatment plan 
Individual and family counse
- 12-step meetings 
- Referrals to detox, residential treatment centres and youth outpatient services


Please reach out if you or someone you know can use our youth-at-risk services.

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