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When someone comes to us for help

It takes great courage to approach us to talk about a potential addiction. Our number one goal is to make our clients feel comfortable, which is why we are located in a warm home rather than a medical clinic.


Our process


When someone contacts Chabad Lifeline, we move fast. After the initial request for service, the first step takes place fairly quickly.


Step 1: Intake & Screening Assessment. Our intake & screening is designed to help us help you the best possible way. 

Step 2: Team Meeting. Our clinical staff of 11 professionals, each approaching the client from their own unique perspective gathers for "clinical supervision" and prepare a suggested treatment plan that could include participation in 12-step fellowships, urine tests, personal counselling, and group counselling.

Step 3: Support. After clients make decisions as to how they would like to proceed, we provide support every step of the way. Our clinical team meets weekly to discuss the progress of each client.


If you would like to schedule an intake & screening assessment, please reach out to us. You never have to be alone again.

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