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Executive Committee holds emergency meeting to discuss essential raffle

Important decisions were made at a recent emergency meeting with Chabad Lifeline's Executive Committee.

For the past five years, Chabad Lifeline has hosted an annual film screening at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts as part of the Au Contraire Film Festival. These fundraising events not only destigmatized addiction in front of crowds of over 250 but also helped cover a significant part of our budget.

Shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in Montreal, the Executive Committee made a decision to cancel this year's screening.

Recently, an emergency meeting was called to discuss our essential raffle. With people reeling from the current crisis, it was initially suggested that perhaps we postpone the raffle until things settle down.

That proposal was immediately shut down by the lay-leaders. "Chabad Lifeline is an essential service with more expenses this year due to increased staff," stressed Raffle Chair Heleena Wiltzer. "We are not going to push off the raffle, instead we will bring in more money than ever."

Remarkably, every member of the Executive Committee has pledged to raise more funds this year.

Thus far, over 70% of donors who usually buy tickets in support of Chabad Lifeline have increased their donations. Their resounding response and generosity is greatly appreciated.

If you have purchased raffle tickets, we are incredibly grateful. If you bought more than you usually do, we are inspired and committed to doubling our efforts in saving lives of addicts and bringing healing to families affected by addiction.

If you have yet to purchase tickets for our essential raffle, you can get them here. Thank you for your generosity and support.

Pictured left to right. Top row: Eddie Wiltzer, Rabbi Mendel Fine, Raffle Chair Heleena Wiltzer, Rabbi Benyamin Bresinger. Middle row: Liliane Aberman, Howard Dermer, Karen Dubrofsky, Stan Zack. Bottom row: Martin Goldenberg, Rabbi Ronnie Fine, Michael Flinker.

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