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Vodka in a water bottle

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I was a troubled child.

I was a short and scrawny boy, maybe because we never had much food in our apartment. 

I was constantly bullied in school. Like my Dad, I kept all my feelings inside. I never told anyone about the suffering I would endure in the playground after school.

Getting plastered at twelve

My Dad was a happy and docile drunk, and a depressed soul when sober. He spent all his money on alcohol and barely held a job.

I took my first shot when I was twelve and drank away the pain. It was a scotch, and it was the first time that I felt good about myself. I felt taller, better looking, and brave.

Dad found me on the bathroom floor, surrounded by my own vomit, and I was punished severely. Not for getting drunk. For stealing his bottle.

From that moment, I chased that high. Whenever I could, I would sneak a shot from Dad's stash and get smashed in my room.

Selling alcohol in high school

One day in grade 8, I poured some of Dad's vodka into a water bottle and brought it to school. That took me to a whole new level.

I started selling sips. Soon, I was selling water bottles filled with vodka. Wasn't too long until the school caught on and boy did I get into trouble.

They confiscated everything and threw me out.

Lessons learned

But they also did the best thing that ever happened to me: they required that I meet with a Chabad Lifeline youth counselor.

My counselor was amazing. She helped me look into myself and deal with the core issues that were really troubling me.

Looking back, I recognize that the reason I felt safe enough to open up for the first time was because the centre and the people in it were so welcoming and non-judgmental.

I finally had someone I can trust, and it was that relationship that really set me on the right path. 



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