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David's story: "She was the cause of my Dad's suicide"

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The pressure on his shoulders.

"I'm 18 but I'm afraid to leave her alone."

As part of Chabad Lifeline's school outreach program which sees thousands of kids a year, our youth team travels to schools to educate and discuss addiction and those affected by it. Five years ago, the following message appeared on the post-presentation questionnaire:

"My Mom has been an intense alcoholic and crackhead for around 20 years. She ruins the lives of all the men she dates. She was the cause of my Dad's suicide. She's impossible to talk to because she makes false assumptions and sticks by them and I don't know what to do. I'm almost 18 but I'm afraid to leave her alone."

The student, David*, left his cell number.

Our youth coordinator called David who came to Lifeline for an intake, eventually receiving counseling and joining our youth group. He recently sent the following email to Rabbi Benyamin Bresinger, Director of Chabad Lifeline:

"Hi Rabbi, I'm in a different place because of you guys at LL and especially the youth group," he wrote. "I learned that my job is to be the son of my mother, not her father. Thank you."

*Names and identifying details from the true account have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals involved. 

Part of our mandate at Chabad Lifeline is to help youth affected by addiction. If you have any questions or know someone who can use our services, call 514-738-7700 or contact us through our Facebook page.

8 valid reasons why you haven't bought a raffle ticket

So you haven't yet bought a ticket supporting Chabad Lifeline's raffle? (if you already purchased a ticket, thank you so much!)

Here are:

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8. I've been in an underground bunker for the last six months and haven't heard about the raffle.

7. I already bought tickets so quit hounding me!

6. I've been stuck on the road for the last 3 weeks trying to get home through all these construction sites!

5. The check is in the mail.

4. My dog ate my entire email inbox.

3. I was about to buy a ticket... But then my mother called.

2. My wife has been in labor for the last week.

1. I won last year's $15,000 raffle and currently live in Ibiza.

Those are all perfectly valid points. However, consider these:

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8. At Chabad Lifeline, the cost for an addict in crisis is $2,250 for 12 months of help vs. $25,000 for 30 days at a rehab or hospital.

7. Addicts in crisis can find themselves on a waiting list through the public system, wasting valuable time. Treatment at Chabad Lifeline is both immediate and free, supported by your generous donations.

6. At Chabad Lifeline, we focus not only on the addict, but on their family and dependents, who often suffer in silence.

5. Incarceration keeps addicts off the streets at a cost of over $100,000 per year, with high recidivism numbers. The success rate for addicts after leaving Chabad Lifeline's 12 month program is over 50%.

4. At Chabad Lifeline, a team of seven professionals meet twice a week to discuss each client. In the public system, clients are often seen by one professional, who focuses on dealing with the current issues at hand.

3. Chabad Lifeline has a department dedicated to helping youth, both youth-at-risk and the ones coming from families.

2. Chabad Lifeline goes into schools to connect with the youth. In fact, this year we will be expanding our unique programming in schools.

1. Because we have helped so many. Watch testimonials from school officials, organizations we work with, and people we have helped.

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