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Seven reasons to buy raffle tickets from Chabad Lifeline

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1. Our services are immediate

Waiting lists are meant for season tickets to the Habs, not addicts. We know that the window is so small, waiting can be the difference between life and death. 

2. No one is turned away due to lack of funding

Help and healing is our priority – there’s a reason we need to fundraise.

3. Zero government support

“It is our most important fundraising event at Lifeline where we save lives every single day,” explains Executive Committee Chair Eddie Wiltzer. “We do not receive any funding at all from the government, that is why it is imperative that our raffle is successful every year.”

4. Our multidisciplinary team

With a clinical staff of eight who meet twice weekly to discuss each client, the best possible recovery plan is formulated. We work closely with the Jewish General Hospital, Montreal General Hospital, CLSCs, English Montreal School Board, Batshaw, Pavilion Foster, Ami Quebec, Portage, and numerous other organizations.

5. For the children of addicts who don’t have a voice

They are hidden victims who often suffer in silence and are forced to cover for family members suffering from addiction.

6. Bottom line: we’re saving lives inexpensively

Take a look at the graph below. Your donations are maximized and literally saves lives of addicts and their families. It costs us only $2,250 to help one addict in crisis over 12 months.

7. Finally, here’s what you can do with $15,000

Should you win the raffle, you can go on a 22-day tour of Australia and New Zealand or purchase a 2017 Kia Soul. Perhaps you want to pay for three years of Med School at McGill or buy a 1.888 karat, J-colour diamond engagement ring. Of course you can also purchase a Cessna 120/140 airplane or celebrate with a destination wedding in Mexico.

To purchase raffle tickets, call 514-738-7700 or click here



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