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Arriving in school drunk


Kate* was a shy, reserved 14-year-old high schooler with good grades and an interest in music. No one imagined that she was drowning inside.

Until one day when Kate showed up to class intoxicated. Slurring her words and acting out.

As Chabad Lifeline had recently established a staff presence on campus, the school Guidance Counselor arranged a one on one session with our Youth Addictions Counselor.

Kate opened up. Her mother had a very serious drinking problem and it affected her home life, her relationship with alcohol, and her self-worth.

After several meetings, we met Kate's mother and provided both her and Kate with individualized treatment plans. 

Kate is no longer alone, leading a chaotic life. She still meets regularly with our Youth Counselor and has developed close friendships with her peers. Her mother is doing well at Chabad Lifeline and their house has become a safe haven, a home.

Chabad Lifeline is here to help anyone affected by addiction. We are in the community and in our schools, educating, counseling, and working on prevention. 

If you know someone affected by addiction, contact Chabad Lifeline by phone at 514-738-7700 or by email


*Names and some information has been changed to protect the anonymity of those in the story. The image is a stock photo from the Ferreiro Project.

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