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Ten Reasons Why People Should go (back) to 12 Step Meetings


There are so many reasons why going (and coming back) to 12 step meetings is important throughout your recovery process. Here are a few reasons why staying involved in our Lifeline community can be beneficial to you:

(1) Meetings are instrumental in keeping one clean and sober and preventing relapse

(2) Alcoholism/Addiction is a disease of loneliness and isolation; meetings can help overcome this

(3) For two hours out of your day, including travel time, the focus is on something other than using

(4) Meetings are a safe place

(5) You won’t be judged


(6) You will meet a community of people who have a common purpose

(7) You will make friends

(8) You’re reminded of the consequences of using

(9) You will have a chance to help others (and get out of self)

(10) You can learn and follow a program that will give them tools for living (the twelve steps!)

Meetings are a safe place where everyone is welcome, no matter what you are struggling with. From the moment you walk in, you will never feel alone again.

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