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Member Profile: Adam's Road to Recovery

Adam is a man in his early 50’s who grew up in Montreal, married and had three children. He raised his family in Maine and they seemed to be a wonderful happy family. However, Adam developed a cocaine addiction and eventually his addiction got so out of control that he left his family, claiming that they got in the way of his drug use! Adam married a second time to another addict and had a child. Their drug use became so destructive that their child was taken from them by Youth Protection.

Adam’s Journey towards Recovery
Finally, realizing that he needed help, Adam came to Lifeline pleading for help. We were able to get Adam into Detox that very day. After completing Detox, an aftercare program was developed, through which Adam came to Lifeline three times a week for three months.

Today, Adam has been clean and sober for over 2 years. He has since reunited with his older children and also has his daughter living with him once again. His main concern today is getting the tools to be the best father he can be.

Member Profile: Sharon’s Road to Recovery


Sharon is a woman in her 50’s who was brought to Lifeline over eight years ago by her daughter Cathy. Cathy is a thirty year old recovering heroin addict, who was helped successfully by Centre Lifeline four years earlier when we sent her to Detox and followed up with treatment in the Centre. Cathy begged the counselors to help her mother, describing her as a “helpless, hopeless drug addict and alcoholic”. She and her sisters were unable to cope with her addiction anymore and felt she was going to die.

This is Sharon’s story

Her life was never easy.  She is the child and grandchild of Holocaust survivors, as her mother was in the Concentration Camps with her grandmother when she was only thirteen years old. Sharon’s mother presently suffered from schizophrenia and other mental health issues - some genetic, and some induced from her wartime trauma. Growing up was difficult Sharon. From the age of twelve, she frequently ran away from home, used drugs and alcohol, and became involved with an Italian boy a few years older than her. By the time Sharon was fourteen and this boy was eighteen, they had three daughters. It was a situation of children trying to raise children, and as it often the case, it became a matter of the children trying to parent and take care of the parents. Finally Sharon’s daughters brought her to Chabad Lifeline.  

Sharon’s Journey towards Recovery

Sharon was dangerously intoxicated when she was brought to the Centre for help. With love and care she was led through the recovery process step by step. Sharon first stayed in a residential Detox centre for one month until there was a bed ready for her in a long-term treatment centre.  She stayed in this treatment centre for eight months. Now that she is ready to be discharged, Chabad LIfeline remains active in linking her with community resources, such as safe sober housing, furniture, food and - first and foremost - aftercare for her addiction, co-dependency and core issues.  She has reconnected with her daughters, and with her beautiful 2-year-old granddaughter. The legacy of addiction and pain has been broken and the healing has begun.

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