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Chabad Lifeline is a non-sectarian organization dedicated to helping individuals and families affected by addiction. Here, individuals suffering from substance and behavioural addictions, and their family members, will be guided by experienced and caring professionals through the process of healing and recovery.

Since 1989, Chabad Lifeline has helped thousands of individuals and families to recover from addiction, regardless of their race, religion or age.

Our team is experienced in dealing with a wide variety of addictions. We offer programs and support for substance-based addictions such as drugs, prescription drugs, food and alcohol, as well as for behavioural addictions such as gambling, sex, internet and spending.

Our family systems approach views addiction as a family disease and treats it accordingly. Family members often display unhealthy behaviours of their own that should be addressed for the recovery of the addict as well as their own recovery. These behaviours might include enabling, enmeshment, controlling and caretaking. Family members also often display symptoms of depression, anxiety and despair. In fact, research shows that for one suffering addict, there are at least four family members or friends who are suffering as well.



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At Chabad Lifeline, we offer individual and group therapy for drugs and alcohol, sex, families, and codependency.

Our multi-disciplinary professional team works on different aspects of the individual’s treatment plan with one assigned case manager. This provides for a comprehensive course of action, combined with a one-on-one personalized approach. We also have therapists specialized in dual diagnosis, whose purpose is to identify co-occurring issues to the addiction, thereby allowing us to offer more effective interventions and treatment.

At Chabad Lifeline, we also host a variety of 12-step meetings including speakers meetings. An individual client often gets his or her first introduction to the 12-step recovery groups in the safe and familiar environment of our centre.

In cases where individuals are in need of services beyond those of a day program, Chabad Lifeline is able to direct them with little delay to the treatment services appropriate for their needs (such as detox or intensive inpatient or outpatient treatment programs). When these individuals return from such programs, Chabad Lifeline is there to provide assistance and support to reintegrate them into their home and community.

At Chabad Lifeline, we offer immediate help for most issues related to addiction. Individuals and their families struggling with addiction never need to feel alone again. Many of the individuals who come to us to undertake their journey in recovery, find new friends and become part of our “family” as they move out of isolation and into recovery and reclaim their lives.

As additional support, we offer workshops that provide tools for sustained and successful recovery, such as budgeting, parenting and meditation.

We also have a volunteer program where many of our clients benefit by giving back and feeling useful by being involved.


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Chabad Lifeline regularly presents information sessions at the Batshaw Youth Family Centres and in local schools, for students of all ages. We prepare educational sessions about our services, as well as general information on substance and behavioural addictions, to increase general awareness and public education on the subject of addiction. Our staff is often accompanied by volunteers who share their experiences and struggles with addiction.

We offer information sessions for educators, hospitals, and local community organizations on substance and behavioural addictions and our family systems approach.


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Chabad Lifeline serves as an alternative environment where students are able to complete their suspension. Students meet with counsellors for an assessment, complete school work and participate in appropriate groups. Our staff communicates with the school regarding each student's experience with us.

Chabad Lifeline also provides a place for individuals serving their community hours through the YMCA. Community workers contribute to the maintenance of Chabad Lifeline.