"Substance abuse and dependency require different approaches for people with different needs and viewpoints. The services Chabad Lifeline  provides are unique in Montreal. I have referred several of our clients to their self-help groups." 

Gail Gauthier 
Addictions Unit, Montreal General Hospital

"Chabad Lifeline has proven to be a most valuable program in successfully addressing the serious problem of drug abuse affecting today’s youth. I feel that a quality program of this nature merits strong financial support in order to facilitate its implementation in an increasing number of schools in the years ahead." 

Lew Lewis 
Assistant Director, 
Student Services Department, PSBGM


“It is an honor and a pleasure to recommend Chabad Lifeline as an integral part of any organization’s drug education program. In fact, our own drug-use prevention program, has been in partnership with Chabad Lifeline for over five years.  The organization’s presentation, w hich is aimed at Secondary Four students, is excellent. 

The organization’s presenters are well-prepared, professional and have a real way of connecting with the students. Their presentations are never pedantic, moralizing, or intimidating, but extremely informative about the various types of drugs and their effects on the human brain. In addition, by communicating their personal struggles with addiction to our students, the presenters are able to touch both mind and heart of each individual in the room which makes for a most powerful presentation.

With the proposed legalization of certain drugs, the way we address the matter of substance abuse with our young people has to change and, at this time, Chabad Lifeline’s approach is the ideal one.  

We thoroughly recommend Chabad Lifeline to any educational institution.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions,”

Vincent Fulvio
Vice-Principal of Discipline
Loyola High School







"To Chabad Lifeline:
I reached to the computer to write what I feel about and what I feel the people at Chabad Lifeline are about and like a flashing neon light in my heart and mind there shines the word LOVE. The selflessness and love that comes from these angels disguised as people is a testament that God does exist.  When I was at my lowest and my path brought me to CPP by another angel who was touched by this angel we call Ruth, I for the first time in a long while new that it was all going to be ok. Today, for me that ok has turned into absolutely fabulous. Thanks to the loving arms and hearts of all who work there. They are a lifeline to many lost souls and thank God they are there. They are a source of the improvement of the human condition.
I can’t imagine what this world would be like without Chabad Lifeline.
Thank you , All my love,
Robert Eglsaer
God bless"


“My deepest gratitude and appreciation goes to Chabad Lifeline .
Your team has done everything possible to ease my transition from prison back into the community.” 


"I was my worst vulnerable after completing rehab. Working as a volunteer at Chabad Lifeline has resulted in great personal growth and has helpled me to prevent a relapse."
Debbie S.

Dear Rabbi Bresinger, Karen and Ruth,
I’ve been searching for my surrogate family all my life, and I desperately needed a place to feel safe. I found it, and you have been like a family to me. I am so grateful, and so lucky to have found you. Thank you for loving me before I learned how to love myself. Thank you for showing me a better way to live, and for guiding me on this wonderful path.
Todah, Thank you, Merci.
Lara S.


"To all at Chabad Lifeline,
Thank you for always being here for us. Like lost ships out in the dark sea your lighthouse on Cote Ste Catherine is always here, always lit up, drowning out the darkness that we sometimes dwell in. A bastion of hope. The light is always burning, we have to only reach out to grab hold.
Thank you for everything. Without all of the staff and volunteers, I would’ve lost my way long ago.
Hang on, have faith, all will work itself out. Hope and be well." 
"Thank you, Ruth, for accepting me when I could not accept myself. I am confused, lost and afraid, you helped me to keep it simple and give me courage."





"Chabad Lifeline has helped me so much in my recovery over the years. Hope to be able to give back even just 1% of all the gifts I’ve received from this place. The centre is my safe haven and the people here have had a tremendous impact on my life. They’ve stood by me through thick and thin and always welcomed me with open arms. I thank my Higher Power everyday that I was introduced to this place."

"I am a nurse working in an environment where opioids are accessible and developed a dependency for it. I contacted several treatment centers but they put me on a waiting list. After doing some more research I came across Centre Lifeline. After a simple phone call explaining my situation, I was asked to present myself at the center the very next day. I was greeted by one of the counselors Ruth Weinberger, who listened to my story with no judgement and much compassion. I received all the support I needed including assistance with my work situation. I will never forget the support I received and continue to receive from the Center and its skilfull and compassionate stuff.” 
Jennifer S .




"After observing the work at Chabad Lifeline, it is obvious that they care desperately about loving and caring for people in the midst of their pain."
Professor Judson Buckwalter,
Lancaster Bible College