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New and Notable

New and Notable

with Certified Laughter Leader Tracy Shafter

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Drama Therapy Group
A stage is set to rehearse for your real life. You are free to play any role you want, try out new behaviours, test out different responses and face your fears. A drama therapy group involving movement, music, masks, puppets, improvisation, theater games, and role-play.

Sex addiction image.jpg Sex Addiction Group
If you are recently 'diagnosed', maybe feeling a little stuck in your recovery journey, and/or interested in addressing more of the underlying aspects of your disease - this group is for you. The group process is based on the innovative task-focused model of Patrick Carnes and The International Institute of Trauma (ITTAP).

part.jpg Partners of Sex Addicts Group
This group is a therapist-facilitated group for women who are facing the pain and betrayal of sex addiction. The group offers a supportive environment to share, learn, gain coping skills and feel more empowered.