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Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction Support

Compulsive use of sex can be as destructive and damaging as any other addiction – often more so. The ongoing debate among health care professionals of the legitimacy of calling compulsive sexual behaviour an addiction, the advent of cyber-sex, as well the shame and fear of being stigmatized, prevents those with a sexual addiction from seeking the help they need and deserve. In many cases, sexual or other abuse from the past may heighten the need for secrecy.

What is sex addiction?

Sex addiction is taking what may be normal sexual behaviours to extremes, inevitably leading to severe personal and/or social consequences.

The primary goal of the behaviour or fantasy is to medicate unpleasant feelings – including stress.

The many faces of sex addiction

Sex addiction can manifest in many ways including having compulsive affairs, paying for sex and cybersex.

Cybersex is considered the ‘crack cocaine’ of sex addiction and is considered to have dramatically increased the incidence of sex addiction. Some reasons for this: it is interactive, secretive, inexpensive and society has normalized its use.

A Self-Assessment for Sex Addiction

  1. Are you concerned about your sexual behaviour?
  2. Have you lied to others in order to conceal sexual behaviour?
  3. Have you made efforts to stop, reduce or control these behaviours?
  4. Has anyone ever complained or been concerned about your sexual behaviour?
  5. Have you continued these behaviors in spite of negative consequences?
  6. Have you had to increase the number or type of sexual behaviour in order to achieve the same effect?

Treatment Available

We have an effective treatment model developed by Patrick Carnes and the Meadows Institute for Trauma and Addiction in Wickenburg, Arizona.

Jennifer Kotry, MA, CSAT is an experienced addictions counsellor and certified sex addiction therapist. She worked for many years at Bellwood Health Services, an addiction rehabilitation centre in Toronto. While working at Bellwood, Jennifer held several roles, including family counsellor, group therapist and trauma/sex addiction therapist. She offers individual and group counselling at Lifeline, as well as education on sex addiction and the impact it has on the individual, family members and society.

Partners of sex addicts

It is extremely important for partners of sex addiction to also get support. We also offer education, support and counselling for partners of sex addicts.